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Earned Value

The second edition of our book, A Practical Guide to Earned Value Project Management is available at Management Concepts and Amazon.com.  Please see the Earned Value section of this site to learn about the Instructor's Guide

The Governments Manager's Guide to Earned Value Management is an abbreviated version of our more complete A Practical Guide to Earned Value Project Management, but has additional information especially valuable for managing projects that must adhere to strict government guidelines.

We are certified in all areas of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and utilize many of the concepts to improve the management flow throughout the organization. Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt was the originator of this management philosophy and before his death in June, 2011, charged the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO) with the continued development of TOC.

Because of a special interest in the healthcare industry, we have investigated many Electronic Medical Record systems. We especially recommend AVENUES® created by Angel Systems, Inc. specifically for  behavioral healthcare providers.

We help organizations focus on the control points within your information and communication flows to improve service and product delivery.